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(Before you read on, please note that some of our contents are repeated in other sections of the webstie)


Our main research questions for the project are:

  1. What coding and cryptography are, and the difference between them.
  2. How coding and cryptography are applied in our daily lives.
  3. Whether the public is aware of the importance of these applications of coding and cryptography in their lives.

From the research and findings of our project, we answered the questions.

  1. Coding is the technique that we use to translate data in human language into codes so that electronics and machines can understand them. Cryptography comes under the branch of coding. Cryptography is the art of encoding messages such that only authorised people can obtain the real message.
  2. Coding and cryptography are widely used in our daily lives. Some examples are credit cards, International Standard Book Number, Universal Product Code, National Registration Identity Card , electronic devices, etc.
  3. Many people take coding and cryptography for granted, and ignore their hidden importance in all of our lives. This is because of their incuriosity to find out the role of coding and cryptography. Without coding and cryptography in our lives, a lot of this around us will not work.

Most people had minimal knowledge of what coding and cryptography is about, their differences, and their importance in our daily lives. Therefore, there is a need to make the public more aware about the applications of coding and cryptography in their lives.