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In conclusion, we feel that this project made us appreciate coding and cryptography better. We also learnt a lot about the applications of coding and cryptography in our daily lives, be it in the computer, or in keep important numbers safe and secure. However, we feel that many people still do not understand the importance of coding and cryptography despite its roles in our everyday lives.

Our main discoveries are finding out the difference between coding and cryptography. By finding out the difference in the meanings of these two words, it helped us a lot in our project as we had a clearer idea of what our project topic was all about. We also found out that coding and cryptography are actually very important in our lives. They ensure security for us, like preventing others from knowing your credit card number while shopping online. Without coding and cryptography, the whole world will be in chaos.

From our social survey, we find out that people tend to take coding and cryptography for granted. Coding and cryptography play a very active role in our lives. As we are moving deeper into the digital age, electronics will require more data transfer and thus, cryptography helps to keep our data private. Without coding and cryptography, our lives will be very much chaotic and unsafe with cyber crimes everywhere.

During the interview, Professor Ling San clarified a lot of our queries. He highlighted the importance of coding and cryptography. Coding and cryptography is hidden in our everyday life and people seldom take notice of them. Therefore, we need to create an awareness of coding and cryptography amongst the public.

However, there were several further extensions for our project that we were unable to accomplish, due to lack of time. We failed to do deeper research into number theory because of the lack of time. As number theory is closely related to coding and cryptography, we felt that we could have understood our research topic better if we did deeper research into that. However, at the same time, number theory is very complex and we did not have enough time to go into deeper understanding of number theory. Other things that we didn't manage to do finish on time were

•  Finding out about the theories related to coding and cryptography that professor Ling San mentioned, such as combinatorics

•  Completing the remaining stages of the ‘cipher challenge'

•  Getting more professional opinions about coding and cryptography from another point of view. We believe that we could have gained more knowledge if we managed to interview another professor.

Overall, we enjoyed doing this project as it bonded us together and we have stronger friendships with one another now, despite some inevitable conflicts amongst the group members at times. We would like to thanks all those who have helped us in one way or another, and we hope that readers would have gained a much better understanding on Coding and Cryptography, and that the public would come to understand the growing importance of the role of coding and cryptography in our lives.