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We created this poster in order to publicise about the usage of coding and cryptography in our daily life that we take granted for. Thus, we needed to create awareness amongst the public.

Black was chosen for the background of the poster, so as to bring out the decorations and text we had drawn or written with the white marker. Applying the knowledge of “contrast” from this year's art lessons, we used white makers for the words and pictures. White contrasts with black directly, and hence only 2 colours are used, the poster would be slightly more outstanding as it is simple and nice. For the 1100010101001000101 at the background, they are “codes” like binary code or what the computer recognizes. At the very top of the poster is a barcode. Below the poster is a cash card. This two are representative of the usage of coding and cryptography in our daily life. Barcodes and cash cards are used very often very often in our daily lives, in scanning products and verifying the validity of your credit card respectively. However, many people do not know cryptography is being applied to the principle of cash cards and barcodes, when they are withdrawing money or buying products etc.


The poster is a combination of both information and pictures, which balances out the poster. There are some interesting information from our research regarding the application of coding and cryptography in our life, and some related pictures and images, and also some results from the project.

Our poster