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Appendix A: Project Proposal


Project Proposal for Research Education 2005


Our topic is Decoding and Encoding. We want to research on this topic because we find that many people take codes for granted and they do not know how codes are applied in their daily life. Another thing is that we are very interested in the ways that messages can be encoded and decoded.

Under this topic, we will be looking at different kinds of codes such as the Morse code, Julius Caesar Code, and many others. We are doing this topic because we want to:

  1. To make the public aware of the idea of encoding and decoding and how their lives are affected by codes
  2. To find out how codes are applied in our daily life

•  To find out what exactly are codes and the different ways that messages can be encoded and decoded, and thus make our own codes


Throughout this project we will be investigating several issues:

•  The famous and most common codes used

•  What they are used for and the period they are used in

•  Why people want to use codes to encode their messages

•  How people in the past send their encrypted messages

•  How are the encoding and decoding use in the present

•  Why are some people unaware of the presence of codes in their lives

•  Codes used in the computer like the binary code


We will be conducting a literature review in which we will be looking for 3 print and 3 non-print articles about the different types of codes we will be researching on, in order to get a rough idea of the topic we are researching on.


After that, we will conduct a social survey to find out the public's opinion of codes and how much they know about codes in their daily life. In order to do this, we would like to get opinions from different age groups and different occupations. Therefore, we will ask teachers, or classmates to fill in our survey. We will also send the social survey through emails to other friends and relatives in order to get more responses. We will also get people from the public on the streets to fill in our social survey.


We will then conduct interviews with people who are talented in the area of mathematics, or decoding and encoding. We have sent an email to a mathematics professor in hope that he will reply to our request of an email-conducted interview. We will try to get in touch with a mathematics lecturer in National University of Singapore or National Technological University in order to get their ideas about codes.


With all our information, we will now try to create our very own ways to of encoding and decoding messages. We will try to keep these ways different of other codes.


Then, we will create a website in order to create awareness amongst the public about codes and how they are found in their life. This will show the public the relevance of codes in our life.


We will next create posters in order to inform the public of our research, and generally about codes, and thus catch the public's attention about codes.


Next, we will have an oral presentation in order to show a group of people our research into the topic, and the results we have gotten throughout our project. We will then let them realize the relevance of codes and how they are exposed to codes in their life.


At the end of the project, we will make a report to wrap up the year's research, and to present our findings to readers. This report is to give readers an overview of the whole project, and make them realize the importance of codes.


During the project, we might conduct field trips to NUS or NTU anytime . This would be to get a feel of the study of mathematics and codes in the university.


This will be our project proposal for the Research Education project of 2005, and we may not be able to follow the plan exactly and there may be slight changes to it throughout the project.



Members: Bi Ran

Cham Bao Rong

Seah Zhi Qian

Soh Yong Sheng

Liew Yong Yew Tony