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Social Survey


We conducted a social survey, aiming to get an idea of the public's opinion of coding and cryptography, and to gauge the knowledge of the public about the usage of coding and cryptography in their daily life.

First we came up with some questions as a group, and let our teacher mentor give comments. After that we re-edited it and finalised on 14 questions. Due to time limit, we conducted the social survey over the internet, using soft copy versions of the survey, and passing them to friends and relatives through internet. Also, we set up a gmail account so as to facilitate movement of the soft copy versions of the survey. After that we compiled the results and analysed them.


Overall Analysis

Overall, we felt that most of the public do not know much about coding and cryptography used in their lives such as credit cards, NRIC and ISBN etc. Cryptography and coding is very important to our daily lives because without them, the world will be potentially dangerous. Electronics require data to be transmitted and any interference could result in disastrous consequences. Cryptography and coding make our daily lives easier and give us privacy. The results show that we tend to take cryptography and coding for granted. Often, there are misunderstandings between the two words “coding” and “cryptography”, and this leads to misuse of them. Coding and cryptography does play an important role in our lives.



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