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In conclusion, we feel that this project made us appreciate coding and cryptography better. However, we feel that many people still do not understand the importance of coding and cryptography despite its roles in our everyday lives. From our social survey, we find out that people tend to take coding and cryptography for granted. Coding and cryptography play a very active role in our lives. As we are moving deeper into the digital age, electronics will require more data transfer and thus, cryptography helps to keep our data private. Without coding and cryptography, our lives will be very much chaotic and unsafe with cybercrimes everywhere. During the interview, the professor clarified a lot of our problems. He highlighted the points and importance of coding and cryptography. He also said that coding and cryptography is hidden in our everyday life and people seldom take notice of it. Therefore, we need to create an awareness of coding and cryptography. Overall, we enjoyed doing this project as it bonded us together and we have stronger friendships with one another now. We want to thank all those who have helped us in one way or another.